Fall 2020 Open Enrollment Dates:

  • Chattanooga – Coming Soon
  • Nashville – Opens July 27th
  • Tri-Cities – Available Now


*** New registrants, that have never taken a class with the first tee, click the registration link above to register for a class

*** RETURNING REGISTRANTS THAT have not previously registered through salesforce, PLEASE READ BELOW ***


We are pleased to announce the new online registration portal is now available to take registrations for The First Tee of  Tennessee curriculum-based programs and events. Our records show that you have an existing account.

Registration for the summer programs is now open. To ensure that you are able to register returning participants (your children or others affiliated with your account), please use the email address that you have used in the past to register your participant and go through the steps below to reset your password in our new registration portal. Recommended internet browsers, to use while registering, are Chrome, Firefox or Safari (please do not use Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge).

We ask that you do not create a new Account at this time as participants affiliated with your account will not automatically be displayed.

Below are the steps to reset your password to your account:

Step 1

From our website, click the Register button in the top right corner.

Step 2

From the login page, click “Forgot Password?” hyperlink.

Step 3

Enter your login email address: <enter email address> and click Submit.

Step 4

Open your email and click on the new hyperlink provided to set up a new password.

Step 5

Explore open registrations!

If you need technical assistance or have questions, please contact:

Joseph Brown

Email: jbrown@tngolf.org

Phone: 615-476-7947