COVID-19 Policies and Procedures

Out of caution of the COVID-19 outbreak, First Tee – Tennessee staff is taking necessary safety precautions to protect our participants, parents, and staff during our classes. We will be adhering to state, local and golf course guidelines, in addition to those outlined below. It is the sole responsibility of each person present to make an informed decision about their attendance to a First Tee – Tennessee class/event. If a player does not feel comfortable attending a class/event based on the guidelines in place below, please reach out to your regional program director and a full refund will be issued per class. Our top priority is everyone’s safety, while also creating an enjoyable atmosphere during classes.

1. First Tee – Tennessee Staff items required at each program location:
  • Hand Sanitizer & Soap, Gloves, Thermometers, Face Masks, Disinfectant Wipes and/or Spray, Paper Towels
2. First Tee – Tennessee Staff  & Coaches
  • Coaches will be provided masks that must be worn at all times while on each program site.
  • Coaches must at all times have sanitizing products with them and must clean all golf equipment, classroom seating, and tables after each usage.
  • As the weather permits, let’s try to have  your respected class outside and promote social distancing.
  • Coaches will now need to keep a golf clubs with them at all times for demonstration purposes as a means prevent touching participant’s equipment.
  • Before each class and when needed, each coach will emphasis to participants the policies and procedures.
  • If accessible, coaches will utilize all areas of the golf course practice facility/golf course in itself to limit the number of participants in a group to create social distancing.
  • Temperature checks will be given to all staff members as they enter their respected facility. CDC guidelines will be used in determining whether a staff member or coach will be permitted to instruct.
3. Parents
  • Parent Orientations prior to the first class of each session may be sent via email to all parents.
  • Only staff and participants will be allowed inside of your respected facility unless permitted by Golf Course and/or First Tee Regional Director.
  • Clubhouse restrooms will only be available for two participants at a time. The entire class cannot be given a bathroom break at the same time.
  • Temperature checks will be given to all participants upon their arrival to class. If a participant has a temperature of 100.4 (temperature suggested by CDC guidelines), their participation cannot be allowed in class that day. A full refund may be offered for that class.
  • Parents/guardians are encouraged to stay for the entirety of their participant(s) class. If they cannot, parents must return 15 minutes prior to the end of their participant(s) class for pickup.
4. Participants
  • Participants are required to wash or sanitize their hands before and after class activities as well as leaving the restrooms.
  • Participants will be required to bring their own water bottles.
  • Throughout the outside and inside of the facility we will have signage promoting social distancing as required by the CDC.
  • If a participant is feeling sick he/she will not be penalized for not coming to class. We ask that you let your respected program director know
  • First Tee – Tennessee Regional Directors will set mask enforcements.
5. Everyone
  • For the foreseeable future, class sizes will have a maximum capacity of 12 participants or less with a 1-4 preferably coach to participant ratio.

These policies and procedures may be amended, changed, updated or deleted based on the course directives, CDC guidelines and the rules put in place by our state and local government. It is our goal to meet all of these guidelines while still providing the best experience possible. Should you notice one of the policies not being followed, please try and politely resolve the issue with our staff. Should you not be able to resolve the problem, contact your regional program director. First Tee – Tennessee has a zero tolerance policy for participants, parents, and staff who do not adhere to these guidelines. We reserve the right to remove any participant who knowingly and willingly disregard our social distance policies, and that also goes for the parents/guardians. Additionally, should you feel any signs of illness during a class please contact a staff member onsite and notify your regions program director immediately.